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Green Fiber & Totty corner baby towel, white with pink edge


80 % polyester, 20 % polyamide.
Size: 80 x 80 cm
Color: White

Green Fiber & Totty corner baby towel, white with pink edge

Gentle care of your baby! A soft baby towel with a corner perfectly absorbs moisture and dries quickly. The corner acts as a hood, protecting your child from drafts and hypothermia after water treatments.

Use in dry form. Do not iron, do not dry on the radiator.

To maintain the unique properties and visual appearance of the products, all conditions of use must be adhered to.

The service life of the products is up to two years if they comply with these conditions.

The shelf life is unlimited.

Estimated Delivery Time: 10-14 business days

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Microfiber baby towel absorbs moisture without irritating baby’s delicate skin. The hood corner will help protect the child’s head from drafts and hypothermia after taking water procedures. Totty’s favorite character embroidery brings a smile and puts your little one in a good mood. The towel can be used after a bath, pool, on the beach, and also take with you on a trip.

Green Fiber & Totty towel is made using UpPoly, a unique weave fiber developed using Japanese technology. The fiber, split into hundreds of microfibers, creates a capillary effect, absorbing moisture many times its own weight.

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