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AUTO SET Glass and Headlights Care Set


The Glass and Headlight set is intended for the care of glass, mirrors, and headlights.

The set is intended to take care of the car parts that require regular, but delicate cleaning. It makes glass, mirrors, and headlights clean, leaving no scratches, streaks, or lint. Moreover, there is no need to use cleansers; the fibers do the complete job quickly and easily!

The set includes the following items:

  • AUTO A6, Unimitt. Universal mitten

Thanks to a special cut, the mitten quickly and efficiently cleans a car body. The hard side of the mitten removes road dirt and insect stains, while the soft side cleans the dust. It perfectly absorbs moisture, making wiped surfaces look perfect. It is recommended for wet and dry cleaning.

  • AUTO S17, Cleaning fiber. Cleaning fiber.

The fiber effectively cleans the interior, removing dust and dirt from dashboards. Wet the fiber to clean leather surfaces. It perfectly wipes glass and mirrors. It is recommended for wet and dry cleaning.

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